Sunday, 9 May 2010

testing model page

This page belongs to 'Becoming Habitat'. As discussed last Friday, it simply shows my paper models relating to different void cuts. The diagram on the right is transformed from my previous sketches.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Chen. The presentation and photographs look really elegant and the diagrams are very clear! A couple of other comments I would make though:

• The cuts also relate to the habitat beyond the car park- but these are absent both from all models and all sectional diagrams- yet some cuts are responsive to these conditions and adjacencies

• Can you show these where they are important?

• Also- there is not a very clear relationship between the models and the sections- can they be labelled

These issues may help as you conclude the project and engage further with these issues. Best- J

Chen Zhan said...

i'm actually thinking about doing another diagram/collage(with a zooming in photo) to combine the paper model with a bit surrounding/adjacency condition, like to show how the other programme can benefit from the cutting at the back and how a bridge(connectional effect) by void cutting is been created. But i want to leave it until i determine the cutting pattern after the passage way design.

The model is not totally related to the diagram on the right at the moment. I've added 2 more possibilities in the diagram(no.4 and 5 counting from top) but i didn't cut the model yet. I just thought it's good to show the ideas here so I put them together.



Jonathan Dawes said...

Ok- sounds good. Keep it up! Best J

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