Sunday, 16 May 2010

interacted program/wall scheme

this diagram shows the break through the street surface and the interaction with existing programs. i am integrate 3 different levels vertically: the courtyard-1.5m below building level, which forms the open theatre with glimpse into the bridge and direct view/ access with the bar, and large stairs(sitting)/ green space forms levels and distance to keep privacy between residential wall and ppl in the court yard. at the ground floor level0,0m, the entrance from archer st for fashion events with direct view into courtyard to transfer inside out. and from rupert st, the bar has been opened up to the courtyard allow movement through. and private entrance for models is next to the bar entrance and stairs up into main area. at the 1st floor level(3.0m), i am dealing with glimpse from street and bar into the make-up area. and hidden access from the bar to the auditorium at the back of vip seats. the bridge is running from lower starting from rupert street side and higher into the existing archer st. studio,


ruo said...

i will work out the levels on section. a rhino model is finishing today and i got reference of case study so now deciding angels and perforated wall/ material for ts. thanks

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- the scheme looks much clearer now! I like the way the sequence of spaces is working- with the catwalk as part of a much larger series of events. How the scheme creates different effects between inside and outside will be crucial- especially where it forms the edge to new courtyard spaces. Try to include what is above in the ground floor plan- to see if it sits comfortably. Looking forward to see the section and TS developments on Tuesday- Great progress! Best- J

Dagobert Bergmans said...

Hi Ruo- I agree plan start to make sense to me. The routing starts to both have logic and create interresting tension.
I have a little trouble understanding how your scheme adds to the existing condition, what is the intended effect for the courtyard space.
I'm looking forward to seeing the sections and applied patterns/intended effects.

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