Monday, 17 May 2010

the interacted scheme

i did a quick collage of how the event users and existing users are interacted. the walls all own different properties(inspired from my pattern and material studies). it is just for make my head running and give a overall image of the situation for TS discussing. I am currently working on one typical wall and section for dimensions/material/fitting. and i am not very happy with where i place the mirror (i am thinking of applying mirror on sloped top of the catwalk so the inside images can be transfered outside to the courtyard but having problem of working out the fitting) and more importantly, i am a bit stuck with the roof for carwalk,,,,but think of finishing a physical sketch model after tomorrow then hopefully i will be more clear.


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Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- This drawing is a great start for the strategic overview. I think you could go further by using this drawing as a platform to show how each of the different strands of the project interact with one another, using the camouflage pattern as a device to mediate between them. In this way you can describe a number of differing conditions where the patterns come together. For the TS it will be important to describe one specific one. Please bring printouts of this drawing and the draft TS report for discussion. Thanks- J

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