Monday, 17 May 2010

Initial rendering of the external view

This is an initial rendering for the external view from Peter Street, which is the entrance to my passage way. I finally plan to keep the facade frame and the structure columns of the existing car park. I think the idea to show the contrast between the old and new is very interesting as discussed in the previous crits.
The material of the perforate panels is been set up as steel metal, the entrance is kind of hidden by the pattern applied.

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Chen. It's great that you have got so far with the model! I think the view maybe needs a little more work, maybe the angle, approach and lighting need some adjustment to bring out the best of the pattern and the contrasting interiority of the cuts- but its a good start. Maybe a hidden line view would be better than render, which seems to grey out all of the luminosity, layering, pattern and detail- just a thought. Please bring latest drawings tomorrow for further technical advice. How is the patterning drawing coming along? Best- J

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