Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Strategy drawings

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo. I think that you may have a clear scheme and that the elements and scope are defined for you. However at present very little of this content comes across in the drawings. Some things to make a note of:

• existing and proposed needs to be clearly differentiated- so that we know what you are proposing and how it relates to the rest of the block- so make sure that you differentiate graphically

• Frame the existing context carefully- don't just repeat the same things over and over- consider each diagram carefully and how to represent the context- which profile, edge of pavement, ownership line etc- all of which may be have subtle differentiation

• Try to vary the scale and types of drawing- how do all of these drawings relate- are they on the same sheet? How are we meant to read them together?

• Look again carefully at the precedents in Endgame- really carefully! arrows, tones, overlaying elements, subtle colours etc.- use these techniques

Try your best to take these things on board- see you Fri- J

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