Saturday, 29 May 2010

irregular spacing , vary depth facade


ruo said...

at the moment it is not fitting to the programs but i am testing the effects between controlling the width/depth/spacing. And now i am going to fitting these values onto the surfaces of the programs to make it interact with different users.

But i am a bit worried about those thin pieces-approx 50mm, it will not be able to wrap by panels and fitted on window frames. So for these parts, would you think i just treat them as louvers? And leave a gap between internal glaze?


Dagobert Bergmans said...

Hi ruo. good progress, and yes I think it would be a good approach to make use of the panel that is covering glass pane when the spacing gets narrow. One could even consider it as a standard detail. I saw you adjusted the vierendeelbeam. Can you complete it with a plan that includes the supports and sections that 1 demonstrates how you deal with the leveldifference 2 how it connects to the existing building. Keep posting D

Jonathan Dawes said...

Ruo- Can we also now see affect upon the cross section detail? It would be good to see progress on this drawing as it will be the final drawing in the TS and likely one of the final drawings in your presentation. Also a view of the interior (perspective) and exterior (from the courtyard below) would be useful to test the apertures and their effects- even if only wireframe or hiddenline render. Thanks for posting and keep up the progress- Best J

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