Sunday, 16 May 2010

dazzle entrance idea#1

I adapted the dazzle pattern onto the entrance to create certain effects of the space within the entrance. When looking perpendicularly at the entrance we are drawn into this black central space. Also I played with distorting the perspective and the pattern is projected through the interior space behind the entrance which I find to be quite interesting and has some potential to be developed.
This is just a test and I will be designing a much more effective dazzle pattern on the three entrances of the building and maybe some of the interior spaces of the block.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Samo- I am very happy to see you finally exploring the effects of pattern spatially. The perspectives of the entrances raise lots of interesting opportunities. I am interested to know what might be the strategic objective there.... there are any umber of potential solutions/ outcomes- try to be specific about your intention as you explore further. The axo is interesting but not quite there yet- but a cutaway drawing into the block looks like a successful way to proceed. Looking forward to seeing models of theses scenarios on Tuesday- Best J

Dagobert Bergmans said...

Hi Samo,
the complexity of the dazzle pattern on the axo in relation to the simplicity of the elevation view is dazzling in itself. It makes me wonder whether you can create perfect moments where it works as a perspective.
Can you create a serial experience on the route that either guides or misguides you to a destination. Which brings up the question of strategy/intention. It will help you a lot when you make clear what your intention is in order to improve.
In reference to this i'd like to refer to japanese garden design where the route is animated by focal points and deviations. I'd delighted if you could bring in some subtile observation in Tokyo into your design.
I'm looking forward to your futher progress. keep blogging. Dagobert

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