Saturday, 15 May 2010

Internal Topographic Model

Here is a model with which I'm showing how the existing topographical changes are used and emphasized in the proposal. There are 4 blue layers representing each level of entrances in the department store, each entrance being attached to a street and its topography. (I know that the real highs are not as marked as on the model but the model is almost more diagramatic).


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine. Maybe you can document the strategic model differently to an architectural model to avoid the conventional associations:
• relay the information about different layers by photographing photographing the model in plan so that it simply shows a relief in the surface
• maybe you can document the layers as they are added (or subtracted)
• also draw diagrams on the photos- just simple lines/ edges maybe.
• look at for some sequential model photo precedents.
• This could be a subtitle to the larger strategic drawing

Looking forward to see 1:200 model also! Let me know what you think about the comments- Best J

Antoine Vaxelaire said...

Hi Jonathan,
I think you're right that it should be present differently (was the idea but had difficulties). I'll try some techniques and update on blog.
I think the idea to photograph the process of building layer is good, so I can comment on pictures (with diagrams) of the reasons.

For the strategic drawing i'm wondering if it should change from A1 to A0 because quite a lot is going on it, or divide in 2 A1? I like the idea of having everything on one.

And me too looking forward for the 1/200 model!

Thanks for feedbacks.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Strategic overview...hmmmm. Maybe 2 No. A1s (folded) is good- you can discuss certain issues on the first sheet then pull another drawing from underneath to elaborate. Not sure without seeing how they are formatted. Keep it up! J

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