Monday, 31 May 2010

section view

Following the previous post for my section, I cut again through the stair.
Below are several views that I thought good. I felt a bit hard to choose the best for my section drawing.

1. Showing the route going up to 2nd floor mainly. I can explain my idea to let people walk through inside profile space. (This is the reason why I didn't connect 2 levels of profile as one).I can also describe more activities happened on the wide stairs.
2. Same cut as the first one but viewing more from right front. Stronger sense of perspective view. The space for car to go at ground floor is clearer(it's the widest way between 2 profiles in the middle).

3.Cut from the other side to show the route connects Peter St. and Lexington St. This route goes up to 1st floor first to create a bridge to let car go through and then down back to ground floor.I think the horizontal void cutting pattern is better at this side and we can see a bit of the entrance from lexington side(right in the image). But the effect of the stair and the route is not as strong as the other two.


Dagobert Bergmans said...

Hi Chen, to be able to judge completely the section needs to expand and include all facades and roof. Judging by these views I'd say view 2 is the most interresting. D

Chen Zhan said...

I just found another good point but for View 1. If u see the profile on 1st floor, u can actually see the way I apply the pattern to them( the projection viewing lines from eye level which goes up gradually)

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Chen. I think there is plenty of detail in the model- but the sectional drawing is more than just a cut through the 3d model. You will need to show the street conditions either side to describe the areas your connection traverses. I would suggest taking off the render and looking at the line drawing- also looking at line thicknesses to define materials , section/ elevation etc. Can we see a large scale printout of the preferred version tomorrow? Thanks for posting- Jonathan

Chen Zhan said...

do u mean I should zoom out a little bit to contain some street situations/facades (the two entrances)?
The render will definitely be taken off for sure, i just wanna show the view quickly.
So i'll do the second view right?

Jonathan Dawes said...

Sounds good- can you post a draft? J

Jonathan Dawes said...

Sorry- just saw your final comments- View 3 is the one to do I think - 1 and 2 are too extreme with perspective and are therefore distorted and unreal. Best- J

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