Wednesday, 19 May 2010


A 'section' showing a part of the interior space in the block. I added both texture and advertisements to illustrate my idea of the pavement surface is used within the block, and the use of advertisements on the facade and the space used and the space used by the cafe.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo- I am surprised to see this drawing after yesterday's discussion. Is this how you see the project progressing? I see no connection whatsoever between this scheme drawn and the earlier body of work. Review the summary of the earlier pattern investigations drawn up yesterday and ensure that your proposal operates primarily within these parameters only! My strong recommendation would be to abandon this drawing immediately and reconvene with the drawings posted earlier regarding application of pattern, strategic cavities and the perception of depth- oscillating between computer and physical models to test their validity. Over to you. Best- Jonathan

fumi said...

Samo, I don't really understand how this section has any relevance to the pattern study you were doing earlier. You need to focus more on the pattern study. As we have suggested many times, you need to make physical model to test how your pattern works.I don't think putting signages onto building is about your project. Please make some physical models for Friday...

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