Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dazzle floors

The lines joined = extensions of a field from one area to another.
The lines break = a separation through materiality of surface from one field to another.
The lines shift = program field blends subtly with surface.


fumi said...

Hi,Samo. The bottom plan is starting to work! Could you explain me what the top plan is about?

sAAmo said...

In the top plan the dazzle lines are not affected by the pavements direction and space. They only change direction when the pattern meets the program's area.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo- I think you need to be bolder and braver. How does the technique begin to speculate edges- the appropriation of programs from their backdoor, or the programs appropriation of the public space? Tell the story of the world inside, the voids, connections, bifurcations, topological deformations, illusory spaces, foreshortening etc.- It is more than a tactile paving strategy- don't sell it way too short! Keep pushing it with paterned models, diagrams, effects! Best- J

fumi said...

Hi Samo! Does it mean the top plan is illustrating the existing pavement condition? In the bottom plan, does the pattern go in to the programs? or the pattern of the program extends to the pavement? Try the model and speculate how you can extend the pattern vertically as well.

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