Friday, 30 April 2010


Inbetween Surfaces

Here is a quick sketch for a 1/20 section. The idea is to show spatial relations between surfaces, when they start to get thick or appear as thick. Also I would like to zoom in (two circles on the right) some areas to show material qualities at a 1/5 or 1/2 scale (grain, joint, thickness). I'll try to have a computer drawing on tuesday.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Thursday, 22 April 2010

J-Lo is gonna wish she was from this block...

The programs within the block have been finalised. My next step is to create collage/ drawings of how the space is used by the programs.
  • The new block extends from Berwick Street's side all the way to Poland Street (where an amazing BBQ Ribs place is : Bodeans).
  • The Block can be accessed from Berwick and Noel Street. The entrance to the 'square' is more welcoming on Noel Street's side. The entrance from Berwick Street is narrow and is shared with the Gentleman's Club/ Pub.
  • The Gentlman's club entrance is only most noticible when pedestrians are walking towards Soho.
  • Berwick Street has the path to access the programs on the floors above ground.
(the diagram above needs to be updated, things were changed when creating the rhino version of the plan)
Ground Floor> Cafe, restaurant, Fashion boutiques, small grass area, XXX shop,
Gentlemen's Club, Bookstore.
1st Floor> Office, Loungs/ Nightclub.
2nd Floor> ...nothing...
3rd Floor> Residential flats (entrance), playground for kids, Market stalls,
Kindergarten school (entrance).
4th Floor> Kindergarten School.
Obviously the pavement and the streets are publicly accessible but there are some parts of the Block which are not for pedestrians/ tourists flowing from Oxford street. Some programs stop the continuity of the pavement. This is achieved by the change in surfaces from one space to another (will be shown in collages).

The Block has been put into the exhisting block. The buildings affecting the new Block were removed or changed in a way to achieve the sense of being 'outside' when inside the block.

(Orange buildings represent the exhisting buildings on the block.)

These are not necessarily final designs, please feel free to give me advise to improve my design.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Various Project references

Diagrams with simple overlays from plot architects for Ruo...






Hague villas- Zaha Hadid. A project with circulation central to the spatial articulation of the project- for Kit

North Tiles by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec- Scaling/ tiling geometries developed in pixel-like fashion to create individual and collective patterns- for Zamri/ Kit

Maurice's World

In this initial study I have arranged the volumes that would be occupied by Maurice Saatchi within the building. A wireframe of the floorplates (2.8m high on avg) for the remainder of program can be seen against these volumes. All volumes occupied by Maurice are 4.2m high with the exception of where they conform to the heights that the façade stipulates.
My next step is to try and incorporate the geometry generated by my brick patterns as a mediator between these two worlds and then to cut sections to elaborate on how they relate to one another.

Monday, 19 April 2010

design developement for hotel

I'm trying to find disruptive fascets for the skin of building by applying the anamorphic perspective. the main tool for making space is dividing and connecting. each room block is divided having void space between others and corridor will connect it. and this void let people glimpse through hotel inside and the inner surface would be seen ordinary wall (brick or stone.. ). the courtyard locate diagonally to maximize the sense of perspective.
initial plan was too free form was drawn by effects on small part. grid system leaded to more effective layout to put inside block beyond outter block.
the void between outer block will be connect with slightly set backed glazing too to emphasis the facets.
i'm still seeking...
what is comfort?
is the sense of belonging able to be dealt with some communal solution?
how this hotel can be perceived as a nesting and habitat of camouflage for people.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Cross Sectional studies- for Manijeh and others

These were some sectional studies from Merlin Eayrs (Inter 6 2007-8) for a brothel/ kindergarten project in Kings Cross. This project may be of interest as one use is built within the walls of another- but both spaces and sequences are somehow incorporated in a singular gesture. Zoom in for graphic detail!

1:10 scale sectional model

1:20 section

Monday, 12 April 2010

1st arrangement

i just simply cut some jpeg from rhino screen coz wanna explain it with physical model. and apply material/pattern on. thanks

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