Sunday, 23 May 2010

100521 Final Crit

Many thanks to all of our critics: Dominic Papa- S333, Thomas Weaver- AA Files, Edgar Gonzalez- Brisac Gonzalez, Stephen Sinclair- Fourthspace, Marianne Mueller- Diploma 1, Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén García Grinda- Diploma 5/ Cero9/AMID and Brett Steele- Director AA School for all of their comments and input.

Jin uk discusses anamorphic principles with the panel

Jin uk's courtyard model

Antoine discusses stack bonding techniques with Edgar

The panel reflect on Manijeh's brick patterns

A catalogue of bonds

Cristina remarks on Zamri's Soho mimic

Efrén remarks on the fascination with making holes

Royce takes us through the changing identities within his spa

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