Sunday, 30 May 2010

Becoming Habitat one of the series

^ This is the first of a series of drawings to illustrate the interior spaces of certain programs located within the block.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Samo- Good to see this drawing. The technique is good. We will need to see more information about how your project differs from a normal shopfront or arcade situation- materials, ownership, surfaces, topography etc.- this is paramount! When this issue is resolved you could continue with drawing along the courtyard to produce a length of the street, or a series representing the different entrance sequences and formations- Thanks for posting- Jonathan

Dagobert Bergmans said...

Samo- great drawing but stil the classical situation, with clear borders between public space, interface and cafe. I think you need to draw the paving pattern as well and create a clear disappearrance of thes e borders (corners). Thanks for posting D

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