Monday, 17 May 2010

further scheme with foil/ pattern/case studies

this is the first trial of the applies previous achievements. i am keeping it broad so maybe it is going to becoming more simple and only using combination of 2 or 3 techniques finally.



ruo said...

i am researching on ts about the cases listed on this page.

thanks and see you tomorrow

Jonathan Dawes said...

Ruo- again a great start! The little toological diagrams really help to understand your thinking. Can these become a more integral part of the drawing? Also, can you describe how the pattern will be applied specifically in each area, and what it is responding to in each case- that would be a good step forward. Also if there are specific ideas about materials, thicknesses, sizes, profiles this would be handy- can you make another attempt at the cross section but more accurately drawn/ scaled? Keep going- let's discuss further tomorrow! Best- J

ruo said...

hi Jonathan. thank you for comments. i totally agree. actually i was about to working out the overall images of the pattern nd applied on physical sketch model, but decide to turn to ts and i think ts does help me to understand the better logical effects. otherwise i ll turn really FLOATING again. the sickness of wall and material are the key.


ruo said...

i think the goo thing in this drawing is that i was taking out materials from previous panels so it means the hints i dropped earlier on are working,


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