Monday, 17 May 2010

Layering, Layering and Layering...

Here is a update of the proposal, i'm currently stackbounding the layers. Taking quite a long but hopefully will be done for tmr's tutorial. Once it will be done I will built some models. Since I would like the 1/200 to be a nice ending model (not a study one), i think i will do portion of the site at a 1/100 scale, as studies to improve after the 1/200. So the idea for friday would be to have several models and the strategic drawing and section far advanced. What do you think?


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine. I think that 1:100 is an odd scale... 1:200 will show spaces and surfaces and 1:50 will show thicknesses, materials and interesting light qualities. 1:100 kind of falls between the two stools... On a different note I think the view looks very interesting- but now requires the same vibrancy and depth as the exhibition. Think about banded contrasting patterns, hierarchy, bifurcating elements, moments of transparency etc. to create a further set of rules within the scheme- beyond, but relative to the topological terracing currently being developed. Let's discuss further tomorrow- Keep it up! Best J

Antoine Vaxelaire said...

Totally agree with you, this image is still Rhino Style but i'll rendre it or collage with material qualities for friday. See u tmr.

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