Sunday, 10 January 2010



fumi said...

Hi Samo!
You have gathered a very good range of examples in Tokyo!
It would be great to see a catalogue of all the categories: Shop topography, objects, pavements, and advertisement.

Have a look at this drawing, it might be a help for you.

Thank you for posting!

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo- I think the subject matter and observations are very good and suited to your earlier project investigations. I think the drawings could be improved by focusing on the investigations on the street (forget about the whole block) and defining all of the areas inside and outside (as you have begun to do). This way you can define the ambiguity of the programme- how it extends its field of activity beyond the boundaries of the enclosure- showing how the field expands.Graphically you could invent techniques that reflect this field of programme... Best- Jonathan

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