Thursday, 21 January 2010

wallpaper plan


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Jinuk- I think the mapping of the sheets is very useful, together with the doors and understanding the corners. I think the bottom pattern is the most promising in terms of transition between patterns but could be rescaled a little and also both quiet and loud (some white space/ filigree vs. bold). Maybe these patterns can be recombined more fluidly (less democratically...!) for the moment to see the potential. I would suggest a simple start/ structure and intention that can be built up in terms of complexity. Would be great to see these and some further developments scaled onto the model of the room. Also can we see the other contents (installations/ tables etc) in outline form off of the wall? Looking formward to catching up tomorrow- thanks for posting- Jonathan

fumi said...

Hi Jinuk! I like the bottom pattern but it looks very complicated and I am worried it will lose the dynamic effects from all the patterns. I think it is better to limit 1 or 2 main patterns and somehow incorporate everybody's pattern inside (i.e. big dazzle pattern overall but if you look closer, maybe the stripes are consisting of somebody else's pattern...etc)
Thanks for posting!!!

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