Monday, 11 January 2010

In Tokyo I've followed ten people and catergories 5 catergories and they are Elderly People, University People, Office Workers, Students and Others. This is because different type of people will travel to different destinations and by following there I will be able to experience the change in scale of street.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Royce- it would be interested if you could include some of the information included in the photographs along the streets. What exactly were your findings?... what were you looking for? What changed or transformed in these journeys... programme/ activity/ topography/ behaviour/ temporal changes/ scale etc. Maybe add some additional information to your post for additional comments- thanks for posting- Jonathan

fumi said...

Hi Royce! It's a good study about different groups and their destinations. What's missing at the moment is drawings to show your experience of scale/programme/topography changes of streets. What are the features of each routes? Maybe you could do a story board or catalogues of each journey to conclude the study!
Thanks for posting! Keep going!

Architecture Association London said...

Hi Royce good to see your Tokyo work, I'm also missing the drawn concequences of what you have seen (and thought was interresting). what you draw now is demonstrating extreme changes in the width (profile) of the streets. What effect does this have on the spatial experience/use of the street. Can you attemp to draw that. Dagobert

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