Saturday, 23 January 2010

wallpaper plan-02

comments allways be welcome.
samo, what do you think about doing zone d,f,g
In my opinion, zone d is the most difficult part to expect so
I will develope some idea for zone d as well, and zone a, b, c will be my part.


is there anyone who wants to play squash tomorrow afternoon arround 5pm at oldstreet? kk


Antoine Vaxelaire said...

I really like that is goes from dense to light and dense again. I think it will really work with this organisation of patterns!

sAAmo said...

that is great. i will work on it and post something up tomorrow night. I will create a pattern that will distort that corner of the exhibition space.

thanks for the post.

Jonathan Dawes said...

I think the zones are starting to create a clear identity between them which is great! The distortion/ relief of the walls will have to be coordinated with this. Things to be mindful of- the patterns need to be bold but also need to work at 1:1 scale. How do you manipulate them or add detail at their printed scale- maybe add a second pattern operating at a different scale.... Thanks for posting- Jonathan

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