Friday, 22 January 2010

new wallpaper underlay

Antoine, Chen and I created this last night to take some of the pressure off the wallpaper team.. it just uses fewer patterns and smoother transitions to make the room a bit more cohesive - it also creates shapes for 'wall reliefs', the perforate model and the table

obviously it needs a lot more graphic work especially in the middle with chen and kits patterns... but it can be used as an underlay for the wallpaper team.


ruo said...

Hey, cool work.

just wanna ask that does it starts form the left edge at the door to outside then flow to the door from the bar? or no order yet? personally i think it wiill be really cool to have the screens on the black strips.


manijeh said...

yeah it does flow from the left edge at the door towards the wall adjacent to the bar... the whole idea was so that we could use the dazzle pattern to form our wall reliefs and then the perforate wall ending up with antoine's design for the table - hope that helps ;)

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