Friday, 8 January 2010

Tokyo Researches

These drawings are the 3 important connection points I've decide to explore and represent as exploded axo. (These drawings are "in construction", so any feedbacks more than welcome!).


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine. Some ambitious drawings in progress! What is it that you want to explore in these drawings- what do you want to express? If it is the inter-articualation of surfaces of differing ownership then this needs to be made clear by differentiating and also providing wider context of the different volumes that they connect to. Plans are probably not required. Try to make the drawings as legible as the photographs- materials, edges, inside/ outside, limit of street etc.- Thanks for posting- Jonathan

Architecture Association London said...

Hi Antoine. Thanks for posting these construction sites... the challenge is to reveal your fascination with these points of interest. Make sure you can demonstrate the ambiguity of these moments in each drawing. To do so you'll need to identify territories, directions and material qualities. Dagobert

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