Wednesday, 20 January 2010

sɐǝpı suɹǝʇʇɐd uoıʇıqıɥxǝ ☼


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo. Principles look really good and the scale is interesting- I like the ceiling moving down...can the floor come up too? - but how does it transform the space?...what is the strategy overall and in specific locations...for instance the corners? Work together with Jinuk to map each wall and what happens there in relation to the exhibits- then I think we will be closer to the solution within the specific constraints of the space. Lets see some prints on the model and review as a group tomorrow pm- thanks for posting- Jonathan

fumi said...

Hi, Samo! The bottom pattern looks good! I like the false ceiling and floor effect.It will be great if you could include Ruo's pattern in part of this! What happened to your disappearing corner? Or is it still work on progress?
Thanks for posting!

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