Friday, 8 January 2010

Tokyo Researches

Summary of drawings I want to produce.


fumi said...

Hi, Antoine. It's a great start for your drawings, and it's great to see the list of drawings you are going to produce!

It is a good observation about Seibu Ground Floor as extension of street. Maybe you can do drawing 1.2'Extension of Street' to explain what is making the Ground Floor space feel like extension of street?

Seibu entrances drawing is a little bit confusing at the moment. Is there a more clear way to organise the drawing?

The Catalogue of entrances drawing is interesting! But I think it would be much more interesting if you could categorise them according to effects/types. You need to specifically explain what's special about each entrance and what kind of spatial mechanism they have.

Great work! Keep going! Thanks for posting.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Antoine- I think the interconnectedness of Seibu is very interesting and I appreciate your organisation of drawings to investigate differing aspects. How it accommodates (or creates) topographies, corners, niches, pockets, alleys that are similar to the surrounding conditions of Shibuya but under the same roof of Seibu. I think the complexity requires a physical model also- as your nolli plan is slightly deceptive in showing the ground at present. The entrances are interesting- maybe they also need the something of the street that they connect to- how do they mimic their given condition? Thanks- Jonathan

Architecture Association London said...

Antoine, wonderful to see your first stab at these drawings. There is fine balance between the actual complexity and the (necessary) abstraction in the drawings. the expression of ambiguity should only be found when it is about the ambiguity of the building itself. The Nolli is very good in reducing reality; but it needs more detail to become a map of the pedestrian realm of SEIBU shops. So pavment crossings and stairs should be included (in a minimal way). The overview of drawings seems complete. Thanks Dagobert

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