Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tokyo Research - Shibuya Scramble

The initial studies of the scramble crossing show the varying movements of people and cars

dotted around the scramble are several entrances into the subterranean realm below...

The underground public realm expands during the day as the market stalls appropriate the circulation space

The reverse occurs at night, when these stalls contract into themselves once again, opening up the circulation space but reducing the traffic through these passageways beneath the scramble


fumi said...

Hi Manijeh! Thanks for posting.

I am not very sure what exactly you are trying to show in the Scramble Dynamics. At the moment the drawing is telling us about ordinary traffic lights system, which I don't think what Shibuya scramble is about.
I think the scramble is different from other crossings with lots of different reasons. What are the characteristics of 6 different blocks and corner conditions?

Underground erosion drawings needs to explain the context. How do these stairs/exits relates to the conditions overground?

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Manijeh. I think I understand what you are interested in- but I'm not sure if the drawings currently focus on the right thing. The drawings seem to look at the general aspects- but maybe need to be more specific. What is your personal account of the expansion and contraction of one space...think about the precision of the London study. Maybe it needs to be examined more locally. Thanks for posting- Jonathan

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