Sunday, 10 January 2010

Omotesando: Lights and its context


fumi said...

Hi,Kit! It's a very interesting observation about buildings with lights and their territories.
Maybe you can explore bit more graphically, maybe you can create your own technique to draw lights?
Thank you for posting! Keep going!

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Kit- thanks for posting. I think the observations and intent are clear in your studies- but at present the work is too reliant on the photographs as the drawings have limited content. Can they be more than diagrammatic? Try to add more information to the drawings to reflect your observations- reflectivity of materials/ angles of view/ areas of illuminations/ profiles etc.- Best- Jonathan

Architecture Association London said...

Hi Kit, your drawing is explaning where the pictures are taken. Could you make a drawing explaining the expansion of the visibility of Dior because of the reflexions (compared to direct vision).
The pictures demonstrate very clearly different (spatial/sectional) conditions on how Dior is seen in its surroundings. Dagobert

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