Monday, 25 January 2010

exhibition book mock-up using chen's patterns

title page for each camouflage presentation group

camouflage presentation summary

cover page for individual pattern study with blurb and pattern

sample of general spread containing patterns (i have all the spreads for chen's patterns but decided to only upload one as an example)

final page of individual pattern study: ends with some images of successful foil models and how they are a translation of the 2d studies (optional - if people think its necessary in which case would need you to name your 2-3 best models and write a bit more text about the move from 2d-3d)

Please comment on whether you like the general layout or if you think its too simple. I tried to incorporate the pattern as part of the graphics and will do the same for each pattern hence I would like to get the go-ahead from everyone in order to move ahead and format the whole book. thanks!


fumi said...

Hi, Manijeh! I really like the layout! It's simple and looks great!
Thanks for posting!

Jonathan Dawes said...

Layout looks great! Can we get a printed version to leaf through tomorrow? Thanks- Jonathan

manijeh said...

yes the plan is to have a draft of this and another persons to mark up tomorrow.

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