Sunday, 24 January 2010

wallpaper plan - perforated wall

Hi Kit-chen^^
t could have differences with final wall but the maximum gap will be within ±15 millimeter. and kits perforation position shouldn't be lower than glazing bottom so it changed into one module from the previous plan has two module. but kits one hasn't many layers then we don't need to limit the size of module vertically.



Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Jinuk- is this the final elevation? We need to establish the plan too- have we made an allowance for the framing of the side walls- which will narrow the overall width of this wall... how sensitive are the corners or is their tolerance in the pattern to acccommodate for this? Best- Jonathan

Architecture Association London said...

hi Jinuk!
Thanks for the position plan of the perforate wall.

As the note I wrote u in the PDF file, do u think it's better to cut the outer layer(6mmMDF) smaller than 800mm x 400mm where my perforate wall is? coz I need some supporting structure at the edge of my layered panels to fix their distance. I'll send u the detail drawing as soon as I finish today.

Chen Zhan said...

just to say the previous comment is by me ==


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