Thursday, 10 June 2010

section and view

interial view from vip looking into changing room
external view from courtyard looking into bridge

section option 01 , model looking into main show spaces

option 02, model way back to changing room looking into bar access on the left and vips, and shows the relationship g floor of bar with courtyard


ruo said...

sorry for the late post, because i was learning of setting up cameras for it. and i think the 2 views as shown will be the final view for render and photoshop. for the section, i will put structural details as shown in ts if the look is ok. i may prefer the second one which is looking back to the bar and changing room, because it shows more relationships.

i will post of which part of fragment model i will do as 1-20 soon.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- sorry for late comments.
• I would suggest that option 2 is good for the perspective render view as you can show the relationship between different activities/ screens/ movements.
• Maybe option 1 could also take the technical section material and therefore become your perspectival section drawing...
• The vip view looks good (there are some layers internally)
• I am not sure about the external view- what does it offer in terms of glimpses of the internal spaces?

Keep it up! Best J

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