Sunday, 6 June 2010

pattern drawing 01- 2d pattern


ruo said...

Hi Jonathan:

this is the sketch of the overall 2d pattern. i also have ideas of where is wall treatment and where is perforated wall. i just put the drawing without pattern on the left in case the scan is not clear. I did patterned more surfaces but think it is pointless so just focused on these key ones. If it is ok, i will start to make 3d surfaces/patterns from these 2d ones, based on the bridge as discussed.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- this looks like a good composition- with a series of specific tasks for the pattern to acheive. Will you be able to incorporate the 3d surfaces within the same drawing or will they be as a separate study or accompanying drawing? Best J

ruo said...

Hi Jonathan: i think it will be a accompanying drawing. i am sketching it and posting it later today. Thanks

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