Sunday, 6 June 2010

03 patterning

i was trying to pattern the space to bring movement and direction to the programs. But i think i can not show all the patterns once when they are on different levels and overlapped on each other, but for some parts it does becoming interesting such as the top right corner. So would you think i should extrude different levels apart like iso drawing and show the patterns on different levels separately or i should just show the over all effect which make the back faces absent? also, because the b/w pattern is very strong, it is kinds of making some lines to be disappeared, would it be ok? Thanks


ruo said...

I think maybe i can model the patterns on rhino first and we can discuss the way to draw the patterns on Tuesday? Thanks

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- I think there are two possible avenues to represent the pattern. One concerns the kinds of apertures overall- the other is how to convert the 2d pattern into a 3d extruded skin. Maybe thre are 2 different scales of drawing- one overall exploded- like this... and another focusing upon one element in 3d- the bridge. Try sketching/ mocking it up and maybe blog for further comments... Best J

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