Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Becoming Habitat 02

This is the second drawing for becoming habitat. I have tried the version where the facades are not exploded, but it than becomes more difficult to read, also I think it's good if I can show some secondery infomartion (section), the primary being the extension of the existing, the new offered spaces (grey tone). The editing is not finished but just need some feedbacks? I can blog the one with facades attached if needed. Thanks.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine- looking good but maybe you could explode the left hand side and retain the right- therefore demonstrating both the sectional/ extended space on the left and also the' latent' street condition on the right with the toned pavement extending into the site. Any thoughts? Best J

Antoine Vaxelaire said...

Great idea, an inbetween drawing! I think would be the best. Will update and blog later tonight.

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