Thursday, 10 June 2010

exhibition proposal

Turnel of Camouflage

the wall area(especially corner) will have denser profile than near the diagonal border
to enhance perspective.

number of layer(profile) : 22
max gap distance : app 400~500mm
min gap distance : app 110~150mm

the beginning has 2m width openning the end is 1.4m

some huge wall will be remain as a flat wall for the drawing and other works at the opposite corner and just next to entrance too.

from the inner corner to entrance right side will be filled with inter 12 works

refer attatched rhino file.
this is very draft.. regarding material and fabrication the proposal could be refined
pls comment.
and we are looking forward to going Hookpark next week.

1 comment:

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Jin, Royce & Antoine

Spatially looking very cool! I really like the idea of walking through it. Having said that I have some questions:
•how is the work actually exhibited... Where do the models go? and where do the drawings go?
• Can you do an alternative version that looks at the scale of the exhibits... then maybe we can merge the two concepts together

We can catch up later to describe in more detail

Thanks for posting- Best J

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