Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Exterior View 01

First test for an exterior view using just lines and the existing as pictures. I quite like how it looks but still not convice on the edge of new/extisting. Will try to apply a tone or texture to that specific adjacency. What do you think?


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine- view seems fine in principle. Try printing out fragments to look at line thicknesses, textures etc. also size of view. Best- J

Jonathan Dawes said...

Also can inhabitation be more strategic and less illustrative- what are you trying to describe? Best J

Antoine Vaxelaire said...

I think the drawing will be A2 (not enough detailed to go bigger).
What I want to show is how the new invading mass creates a plublic square (with clipses of the underground). And as soho the idea of a wide range of different people (age, social, culture).
View from street into the void to follow.

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