Sunday, 6 June 2010

endgame 06 - perception views - draft

1. view from carnaby/ beak street intersection... the bentley enters the building
(better quality render of facade and portcullis that also incorporates the visible interior brick walls will replace this)

2. view from the lobby: maurice ascends the stairs
(needs to be re-rendered with internal portcullis, materials and lighting)

3. Client interfacing within executive bar
(I used the 3d print model for the perforations in this view and the next hence they are overscaled and need to be replaced by actual bricks in the final render)

4. the sweatshop works on...
(again needs to be rendered with actual bricks along this surface and have proper figures photoshopped in)

all these views are just a draft to give a sense of what I would like to capture in the final sequence but please let me know whether any of them need to be modified further than what I have aforementioned / if they are not effective yet.

Im currently editing (01) strategic overview and (02) becoming habitat. I have also finished the coded sectional model to be printed tomorrow which hopefully will not collapse despite the cantilevers and perforate walls. Will bring all drafts of drawings printed to scale on tuesday.

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