Tuesday, 8 June 2010

key interial nd external view

01- left to right :view from court yard into back wall of designer entrance then move to stair court of designer studio and finally end up with wall treatment. It shows between perforating quality from archer st glimpes into the courtyard and also the glimpse from couryard into the stairs up to show spaces. while the solid wall treatment contain spacing quality but keep privacy of the studios.

02&03- entrance from rupert st. the stairs are the entrance for models while it is hidden by introduce perforating wall at the entrance of the bar on the right. and i will apply rough metal on the stairs and mirrored metal on the bar entrance to extreme the case. And larger spacing on the 1st floor of the make-up area to promote people from street to move closer to see more.

04- i like this interal view but it is not showing what i want it to show at the moment but i am judge the walls to make it work. mainly wanna show the perforating wall is hiding the dressing room back of it but visually make it to be continued with shared wall of the bar. and on this view it is suposed to show the glimpse from the bar(at the left) as well while it is shown as solid as the moment.

05-this angle shows the perforating quality between the bar and the catwalk and it will be best if i can show how the dressing room is hidden while it is stopped on the right edge of the paper..

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- Wow! the views are starting to look really interesting. The repetitive elements and subtle variation are becoming very powerful spatially. However- still a number of things to watch and take care on:
• In all views some of the context or model is partially left out- this is misleading. Try to resolve this
• The model render does not have any reflective qualities at present- how will they change what we currently see as solid mass material?
• Pick 1 or 2 internal and external views you feel are the most important and state simply and clearly why this is
• Try to add some figures to give scale and therefore allow us to evaluate the spaces better

Can you come with updated views tomorrow (printed) and we can discuss further- thanks- Best J

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