Friday, 18 June 2010

Exhibition Drawing Arrangement

This is the newest version of drawing arrangement. Basically I've tried to move relavent drawings to each model. The top line of drawings is aligned with the top of profile. Lables will be located beside each drawing.

Small prints at the corner position will be decided later(if you have any more good renderings/photos/diagrams please send me ASAP). Angle of drawings will be updated later as well.

We finally decide to print on 160g paper. And we've tried to mount drawings on cheap brown card board as well as white foam board. Samples will be showed in Sunday's meeting.

In terms of hanging small prints, I'll make 2 versions with fish wires. Also can be seen on Sunday.

Everyone's foil model will be put near their fragment to have a better connected story.

Comments are strongly welcome!!!


manijeh said...

hi chen. i think this looks great and the drawings look much better in this layout since the relationship to the models is much stronger. My only question is whether one of your drawings/ modelphotos can be situated/ hung between the profiles surrounding your blackbox model since that seems to be the only area where the drawings are missing - is this possible? - m

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Chen- I think there has been some great progress with the organisation! I am starting to get a feel for the order a little more. Some ideas/ comments:

• What happens in the island? Does this relate/ have drawings also?
• Do the drawings all need to be original scale? This could change the dynamic of the space a little (white space/ geometries)
• Can we see a detail of one area with the combination of items in one 'bay' to see how it works together?

Best- J

Chen Zhan said...

I'll hang 2 of my box model photos in A4 size between two profiles in the corner position. It's not yet showed here.
Thanks for comment Manijeh!!!!

Chen Zhan said...

hi Jonathan. For the island area, Jin's section is on the big wall kind of just opposite to his model. And maybe I can arrange some small prints hanging between the profile in the island position. But I don't know if that will make this area a bit 'too much'.

In turns of the scale of drawing, since the profile team won't do more profiles on the drawing wall as a continuous structure, I didn't really change the size of the drawings according to the grid.



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