Tuesday, 1 June 2010


From a certain perspective while walking towards the cafe the viewer will see the pattern create this sense of a distant space. The tables and chairs are blocking the pedestrians view of the floor thus enhancing the effect of a space due to the fact that there is no horizontal surface visible to compare the pattern with.
The shade is linked to the floor at a certain point to confuse the pedestrians understanding of the width of the entrance.

A coincidental pattern is projected on the shade and the wall perpendicular to the cafe to unify the two seperate surfaces.

1 comment:

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo. I can see now that you are trying to apply bolder and more spatially ambiguous patterns within the spaces. I would suggest that you venture further and try to make clearer the objectives of each application of pattern. Where is there continuity, where are there subtle shifts and why? Keep progressing with the plan and extend its influence through surfaces, enclosures and apertures

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