Friday, 26 March 2010

TS brick studies

Here are some of the pages I have been working on so far for the TS tutorial yesterday.

Now I am working on creating an instruction manual of how I created my foil models and their various effects. (I will post this later when I finish it) By drawing the effects of the models, I hope it will help me to start tackling my ground floor intervention over the weekend.

1 comment:

Jonathan Dawes said...

M- the diagrams look interesting from a structural perspective- super clear diagrams! What are the perceptual/ transparency/ acoustic tests that could be carried out in an equivalent way? Are there different constraints that require the pattern to be responsive in different ways- both tonally, in relief, spatially/ geometrically etc? It would be interesting to see how these additional test could breed hybrid bonds or combinations- to achieve different strategic, spatial, light and perceptual conditions between spaces. The earlier foil models also created spaces, openings, pockets. Can the walls also follow the same geometries or recreate these kinds of spatiality/ geometry? Keep it up- also good planning for the holiday break- thanks for posting- Jonathan

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