Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Seibu / Ham Yard Models

Here are some ideas of how I would like to construct both seibu and ham yard models. I believe that both sites are acting in almost the same way (different levels of complexity), the difference being that seibu has buildings while soho site is "empty". But my proposal will use seibu as a reference to create the same kind of conditions (not same design obviously) in ham yard. So by doing the same scale model and using the same codes of representations i'll be able to clearly compare the two.
Please all feedbacks needed.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine- What are the critical elements of the models? In the past you have talked about skins and adjacencies and also the perception of the connective topography in the entry points. If the scale of the models are 1:50 what can you include that is readable? I think that these are the key reference points between the two- and also relate these back to you opening title/ statement... J

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Antoine...sorry I meant to write 1:500 not 1:50...we don't have space for that! J

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