Thursday, 11 March 2010

Amanda Levete article for Zamri

Zamri, this is the article I mentioned earlier about your TS case study:

It talks a bit about how it was manufactured and how the architect created these nurbs surfaces digitally.

I think this quote from the article is pretty relevant to the discussion today about what is solid and what is void:
"The project embodies opposites; simple yet complex, solid yet apparently kinetic, sculptural though not monolithic. The voids between the surfaces become as essential as the form and structure itself. Revealing the physical presence of the void creates maximum visual input with minimum means."

If you do decide to use this material, I read somewhere that there is a publication coming out called 'Corian: Super Surfaces' which talks about the potential of the material.

hope that helps...


Zamri said...

Thanks Manijeh. Very useful especially after focusing too much on the volume aspects of my model(satic) and forgetting the voids that appear to be moving(kinetic).

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