Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Model and diagramming techniques- maybe for Samo?

Here are a selection of different approaches that you may find useful and inspiring.

Uib Library- Cero9 (AA Diploma 5 Tutors)

Show connections- Make clear diagrams that show the abstract and real relations between programmes, solid, voids, layers, levels, time relations, tectonic elements, overlaps........ note 1 colour only!

Diagrams for Civic centre- Mansilla & Tunon

Show voids- show the absence of something so that you can reveal the space in between and its relation to other elements/ volumes.4 colours but working together to create a series of interrelated studies.

Multipurpose Sports complex- no.mad (Eduardo Arroyo)

Develop models that demonstrate abstract relations between your pattern, surfaces and the spaces created in between. Make the project do more than simply reiterate earlier dazzle ideas- speculate more about what it does in your own project, transforming spaces and our perception of them. Black and white surfaces/ patterns- the world of dazzle....

Let's see a series of these for Friday!

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sAAmo said...

Thank you Jonathan these really do help.

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