Tuesday, 9 March 2010

a rough proposal

distinction between the origin of the street surfaces and the program
exposed or hidden back of it.

my ambition is to active the dull condition of Archer street and and
make transition of the closure block sitting between active theatre
street(shaftsbury ave) and popular adult street (brewer). ) But by
this opening up, the existing program of the block will be broken.
I am using the real and illusion of depth i achieved in the pattern/foil
studies to arrange them back to order.

The drawings of existing solid/ void space with new cut
through the block. And existing programs i am going to
link up.how the transition from the adult xxx shop-
surface of the block(brewer street) to the hidden internal
residents and then to the 'arty' side of designer studios
which facing the back stage of theatre(Archer street) and
have a chance to be introduced to main street full of ppl
and big theatres?

it is far to finished so this is just a example to draw things
clearly after several failed trails.

for sure, the exactly program of each pot and how they
adapt under the surface need to be carefully designed.

welcome for any discussions.

1 comment:

Jonathan Dawes said...

Diagrams 1 & 2- graphically clear but change the orientation to follow the others- it is very confusing to change orientation between them and the others below... keep Gt Windmill as your main focus in terms of orientation to be consistent.

Diagram 3- Could be interesting- cross section should include

Diagram 4- Can your project be the 4 No. grey areas?

Diagram 5- Explain the connections to be maintained in the existing uses- this is a useful set of constraints (building heights/ spaces in between/ line thicknesses all inconsistent at present)

Diagram 6- Orientation changed again! What is the meaning of the drawing? Why is pathway at high level? Why are walls rendered?

- J

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