Thursday, 11 March 2010


< The entrance works differently depending on the direction of pedestrian movement. When going towards Soho, the strip club is in view. While walking towards Oxford street the view through entrance is of a large space.

< The diagram shows how the space within the building is divided.

< One way of joining programs together is by making them share a facility. In this case its the bathroom.
< Here two programs are linked by a space which could be public and for smoking.


Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Samo- I think that issues of orientation, movement are effect are clearly the main strategic criteria for you- great! Maybe you could break this diagram down further to demonstrate the merit of this strategy and integrate the whole block- in sketch versions.

Some tips regarding your representation techniques-

• limit colour (too many currently, no meaning)
• be consistent with orientation (currently perspective is wrong when exploded)
• be consistent with project criteria (tone of plan at bottom shows in-between like a programme but excludes pavement)
• Show overlaps on site- not as abstract venn diagrams which are too abstracted without context

These issues need to be resolved to clarify your ambitions and your own project terms- keep going! Model by Friday? J

sAAmo said...

Thanks Jonathan. I will fix it up.

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