Wednesday, 10 March 2010


^ The diagram above shows the way the programs link together through the block. Yellow boxes indicate entrances on the ground floor.

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Samo- thanks for posting. Now that you have arrived at some interconnected spaces- what are the consequences of the diagram? What is 'camouflaged' from what... or where are the distinctions/ overlaps/ adjacencies? None of these issues are currently made clear- but could be potentially very interesting where two uses come together. Graphically, the diagram does not yet seem to communicate any of these qualities or possibilities- but I am sure that this will follow. Maybe the overlap techniques (moire/ interference) from earlier diagrams could be used here. Where is there continuity, overlap, disruption? Try to use your existing dazzle graphic devices precisely and strategically instead of substituting familiar but less precise graphic styles. Please evaluate the portfolio to refine your overall direction- J

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