Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sweaty Betty and The Beauty Lounge

Sweaty Betty and the Beauty Lounge are the 2 programs that I will be refurbishing for my final Project. Sweaty Betty is a boutique store in which health and beauty products are sold, whereas the beauty lounge is an area for relaxation treatment . Therefore I would like to create a passageway in which I will connect the two programs together through the passageway of Kingly Court whilst maintaining public access.

My focus will be:
A hidden entry of the passageway viewing from Upper John's Street which will be visible along Beak Street.
Hidden spaces create connections between the two programs and also creating interior layout of the two stores.
Create a continuity between the interior and exterior of the two stores and part of the passageway towards kingly court.
To show visibility of existing facade from the view point of Upper John's Street and Beak Street.

Study of existing exterior and interior circulation of the two programs. The only way to access 1st, 2nd and 2nd floor of Sweaty Betty Building is by the entrance inside the passageway. This will be useful in order to create a controlled passageway using my foil model techniques.


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Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Royce- can you upload in a different format so that I can enlarge... difficult to see at the moment- ta- J

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