Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sketches of different sytem the plan of the building can work with the 2 programs (Theatre backstage/Patisserie). Similarly to the pattern of mine, each program has its own distinct nature but sometimes the boundary overlaps and one program shifts into another. I am trying to work out the best use and function but considering the overall experience of the space as well so the shop floor will be a double space with this form (made from 2 modules, same shape as the perforation, connecting the floor) So the idea of the constant shifts between the 2 apply to botht the plan and the section. From here i will be able to point out the different sizes of perforation needed for different use and work more on the connection between the floors so that the building doesnt just become screens of perforation. And how the skin on the facade will work with the program inside.

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Working in plan is often difficult- what are your strategic objectives- try to think about these issues before shape or plan form- otherwise you may fall back into conventional territories too easily. I think that multiple sections of the patisserie and theatre will help to develop this- but what is the ambition/ distinction between...? Jonathan

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