Thursday, 8 April 2010

first proposal and some 1st coming ideas


ruo said...

basicly I think to play with views from different levels and orientation is working very well. but i am a bit worried about using the terrance as path to some programs coz it is the path for residents. And at the moment the ideas are a bit loose and i have not decided the program for each pot yet. i will tie them up with my project ambition and post on blog tomorrow.

ruo said...

also i need to build one or two pot into larger scale, maybe 1:50. it is really difficult to get the camera angle i that i want, the site model is 1:250 at the moment.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- I would like to see a model of the whole proposal- how it integrates with the neighbouring buildings, how the pattern might be manipulated, what is added, what is removed. I think it would help to see an overall scheme before focussing on one part. Try to oscillate between the two scales. Thanks for posting- Jonathan

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