Wednesday, 7 April 2010

final analyse/ site proposal of existing


ruo said...

Hi Jonathan, Fumiko and Dagobert: for the 3rd diagram and the photos on the left. I think I need to cut some sections and show the key moment with perspective drawings, because I am getting on fine with testing design on physical models but find it is a bit hard to collage my pattern etc on this diagrams. I am thinking of doing sth like story boards. What do you think? cheers

ruo said...

the drawing is quite large (1260x594 -3xA2), so the line weight s not showing correctly here. I will print it into 1-1 scale and bring to tutorial later.

Jonathan Dawes said...

Hi Ruo- Drawing looking really good- some real graphic clarity and interesting site specific issues are coming into play. I think the models can be tested in other ways- use this drawing as a way of establishing your overall strategic criteria and the areas you are responding to. The model is a spatial and material concern- so use photos/ views for that.Looking forward to see the models soon. Thanks for posting- Jonathan

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