Monday, 19 April 2010

design developement for hotel

I'm trying to find disruptive fascets for the skin of building by applying the anamorphic perspective. the main tool for making space is dividing and connecting. each room block is divided having void space between others and corridor will connect it. and this void let people glimpse through hotel inside and the inner surface would be seen ordinary wall (brick or stone.. ). the courtyard locate diagonally to maximize the sense of perspective.
initial plan was too free form was drawn by effects on small part. grid system leaded to more effective layout to put inside block beyond outter block.
the void between outer block will be connect with slightly set backed glazing too to emphasis the facets.
i'm still seeking...
what is comfort?
is the sense of belonging able to be dealt with some communal solution?
how this hotel can be perceived as a nesting and habitat of camouflage for people.

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Jonathan Dawes said...

Jinuk- I am very inspired by what I see. Maybe the surface treatment is a way of 'regularising' the faceted form from certain viewpoints (much like dazzle does)- to make it look 'normal' i.e. the surfaces less distored- or without distortion. The combination of pattern and morphology will give all sorts of effects to the skins, internal spaces, passageways and circulation. This may be a good way in to the project. Refer back to the Felice Varini work:
Thanks for posting- J

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